5 Places to Have Sex Besides Your Bedroom

It’s easy to get stuck in the normal routine of things. We do it every day with little things such as how we dry ourselves off when getting out of the shower, to bigger things such as always ordering the same coffee each and every morning before work. Routinely is safe and comforting; it minimizes chances for error and maximizes productivity.

But what about your normal routine in the bedroom? If you’re doing things right then you shouldn’t have one, but not so many people are that fortunate. Just like with many other aspects of life, a normal routine in bed can quickly develop due to its regular frequency and usual places of action.

As the cliché goes, “better safe than sorry.” In a sense, if you know what you’re doing is working, then why change it and later regret doing so?

And the answer is because while things may be okay or good or great, things can always be better. Most people love spontaneity and new experiences, why not mix both with pleasure and give her an experience she’s never had before? Forego the bedroom and look elsewhere to get busy. The sudden change in routine and feelings of exposure are sure to be a total turn on, and soon you may find yourself in a more exciting and riskier routine of things. Here are the best five places to get laid tonight around the house besides your bedroom.

1) The Shower

What’s better than getting clean while being extremely dirty? Sex in the shower is great for many reasons and provides you and your partner with ample opportunities for intimacy.

Being in the shower already offers plenty of chances for contact, and you have plenty of products at your disposal to loosen things up a bit if needed. Take turns gently washing each other to get things hot and steamy and then decide if you wish to continue your fun inside our outside the shower.

The shower can be great for foreplay due to the warm water and slippery products at hand, but water tends to wash away any water-based or natural lube and can make sex irritating and uncomfortable.

A suggestion is to move to the sink or bathroom wall once things start to heat up and proceed from there. Intercourse in the shower can be very dangerous due to the slippery nature of things so please be safe and make sure there is something to hold onto or grip onto.

2) Kitchen Table

Having sex on your kitchen table is a must-do for anyone trying to spice up their sex life. You’ve seen it in the movies, you’ve definitely seen it in porn, why not try it out for yourself and see what all the hype is about?

If you’re living at home with mom and dad, or simply have other roommates, I’d highly recommend trying this stunt when no one will be home for a while. I’d also highly recommend never, ever mentioning your dirty deed to anyone in the house as they would (understandably) never want to eat at the table again.

With that being said, having sex on the kitchen table can be spontaneous, exhilarating and almost weird—in the best way possible. It can be something very new and foreign to your sex life that I am sure you’ve all fantasized about before.

Grabbing your significant other and throwing everything on the table to the ground then gently laying them on the table and climbing on top is a sure way to get your partner’s sex drive and heart racing.

3) Backyard

A great place to break your routine sex life is in your very own backyard. While this also wets your toes on what it’s like to have public sex, it also blows your regular sex-spot—your bedroom—out of the water.

The risk of being seen and heard by neighbors is sure to get your heart racing and add even more excitement to the situation. Maybe you have a trampoline or a swimming pool; these would make the experience all the more comfortable and memorable.

Whether you’re feeling the midafternoon sunshine on your back or looking up at the stars, having sex outside can be a very rejuvenating event.

4) Washing Machine

This trick is almost as old as the book itself. Having sex on a running washing machine can be very pleasurable and give you an experience you won’t soon forget.

Throw some towels in the washer and set it on high, then have the girl sit on top so she can feel the heat and rumble between her legs.

There are a few different positions you can perform using the washing machine, but I’d make sure the girl remains in contact with the machine no matter what.

5) Couch

Probably the second most popular place to have sex around the house is the couch. Which makes sense due to the intimacy that can stem from a moment lounging on the couch.

Maybe you are having a movie night and a sexual scene just took place, making you all hot and bothered. Granted it is just you and your partner watching, you can easily seize this moment of sexual gratification without even getting up from your spot.

The couch allows for spontaneous sessions due to its comfort and close proximity; the chances are that you and your partner were already cuddling or being intimate in some way.

No matter which place you choose from the list above, you’ll be glad its somewhere other than your room. Routine can be nice due to its familiarity and can even be great, but routine in the bedroom is something you’ll want to break out of every now and then.

Whether you’re an older couple trying to spice things up a bit, or a new couple simply wanting to be adventurous and exciting, having sex outside of the bedroom can be a very thrilling and intimate occasion. Please remember to always practice safe sex and never force your partner to try anything they are not comfortable with.

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